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Posted: 21/11/14

On the road to safety at West Notts College

Students at West Nottinghamshire College got into safety mode this week to recognise the UK’s biggest road safety event.

  • Ed Rodgers from Leicestershire Fire Service, Courtney Walker, Molly Gee, Tayla Wyatt and Louise Russon
  • Nottinghamshire Fire Service brought their fire engine and their knowledge about road traffic collisions
  • The technology behind Leicestershire Fire Service's VF4 car crash simulator
  • Students received a road safety awareness talk from Nottinghamshire Fire Service personnel

National Road Safety Week (17-23 November) saw students get vital advice about being safe on the roads both as drivers and as pedestrians.

Representatives from Nottinghamshire County Council brought in a computerised driving simulator which students could use to test their hazard perception and driving stopping distances.

Students also received a talk from Nottinghamshire Fire Service about road traffic accidents and the dangers on the roads that young drivers need to be aware of.

Wednesday saw the arrival of a Ford Focus ST known as the Virtual Fatal4 (VF4) which has been modified to turn it into a crash simulator complete with cameras, screens, smoke and hydraulic levers.

The vehicle, which is owned by Leicestershire Fire Service, is part of an educational package to teach the next generation of drivers the dangers of the ‘fatal four’ – using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, being under the influence of drink or drugs and speeding.

Health and social care students Courtney Walker, Molly Gee, Tayla Wyatt and Louise Russon were the first four passengers to experience the effects of a road traffic accident in the vehicle, which move dramatically in time with an on-board video which shows the consequences of a crash.

Molly Gee, 17, said: “It was very realistic being inside the car and quite scary as you felt you were part of the tragic journey. I started screaming as the car rocked and it certainly made me think about the dangers on the roads and potential hazards as I start to learn to drive soon.

“The talk by Nottinghamshire Fire Service was also very informative and it’s made us all stop and think carefully about safety on the roads.”

The road safety initiative will continue to be supported over the next few weeks at the college with the presence of the local Police Community Support Officer.

Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijg5Wfbc5oU&feature=youtu.be to see the VF4 in action.