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West Nottinghamshire College Group operates a number of websites that support our growing business.

The Corporation

Our strategic vision

Our Vision

"A dynamic college for aspiring communities"

Our Mission

"Learners at the heart
of excellence"

Our Strategic Objective

"Attaining excellence,
reaching new heights"

Education and skills is our business

The West Nottinghamshire College group is one of the leading providers of education and training in the UK. With approaching 26,000 students, centres located across the country and a turnover of close to £70m, the group comprises a number of interrelated companies with a single aim – to be the best in their sector.

Excellence every day for everyone

The West Nottinghamshire College group is ambitious and believes in making a positive difference to individual students, employers and the communities that we serve. We want to stand for excellence across all aspects of our business, for all of our customers, all of the time. A strong culture guided by organisational values helps us on this journey – we are not there yet – this document sets out how we will achieve this ambition and go beyond it.

We want to stand for


Whether it be for our classroom teaching, work-based learning, assessment tools, our nursery, our facilities, our reputation or indeed as a large employer, we want to stand for the highest possible standards. Good is simply not good enough for us – we want to be the best.


Our market is full of choice and we want people to choose us. More than that, we want to be able to offer a choice based on impact. Our offer will be based on the difference it can make. For learners, our qualifications will lead to the next step; for employers, our training will improve your business; for our communities, we will improve prosperity. We will seek out opportunities to offer choice; this will mean we will expand our offer and provide a better way of learning that has an impact on individuals.


Our business may be expanding, but excellence will remain at the core of what we do. Regardless of where or who you connect with in our business, your experience will be the same – high quality and focussed on your needs.

Our values will guide us

A ‘one team’ spirit and an unrelenting focus on being the best, doing the best, and achieving the best will mean that we succeed in our ambitions. Our values are what guide our behaviour – they lie at the heart of everything that we do – whether that’s delivering education and training or how we look after our team. We believe that every single member of our team is a leader in their own right and our values will enable them to exceed their leadership potential every single day.


Difference breeds creativity
and creativity will help us
achieve our ambitions


We are one team, united
together to provide a
brilliant service


Internal or external,
exceptional quality is what
will set us apart

What we'll achieve

  • The best experience for our students regardless of where they study, that leads them to jobs or university.
  • A highly skilled and motivated team, committed to being the best every day for everyone.
  • An innovative and relevant offer that makes a positive difference to individual businesses and local economies.
  • A reputation as a leader and not a follower.
  • World-class resources that inspire people to exceed their ambitions.

How we'll know we've achieved

  • We will have regained our Ofsted outstanding status.
  • We will be within the Sunday Times top 100 employers to work for.
  • Our customers, students and partners will tell us that we are the best.
  • We will have been recognised through national and international awards and accolades.
  • We will have achieved our accommodation strategy investment.