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Posted: 24/10/14

Actor sets the scene for students

Star of television, film and stage – Rik Makarem – inspired budding actors in West Nottinghamshire College’s performing arts curriculum yesterday (23 October).

  • Rik coaches Tom Wilson and Connah Porter through a scene
  • Rik Makarem with performing arts and musical theatre students

Rik, better known for his role as Nikhil in ITV’s Emmerdale, and his lead appearance in sci-fi hit Torchwood, joined musical theatre and performing arts students to deliver acting workshops and passed on his experience in the industry.

The actor, who hails from Chesterfield, worked with students in their rehearsal studios to look at the differences between organic and mechanical acting methods and re-enacted scenes from Emmerdale to look at the different styles of acting.

Students also had the opportunity to speak with Rik about how to secure work after graduating from their courses.

Rik said: “It’s been great to come back to my roots and work with students at all levels today. We’ve looked at acting based on ‘subtext’ and how to apply acting with an organic foundation within a scene. I’ve been overwhelmed and encouraged by these energetic and open-minded students.

“I hope I’ve inspired their minds to understand that it’s a very realistic industry to work in. There’s often a stigma attached to the ‘performance industry’ that it’s an unreliable career, but this isn’t true.

“My hard work and studies has given me a viable and rewarding career. I’d advise these students to commit whole-heartedly to their acting dreams and they will achieve them.”

Click on the following link to see the college’s media production students’ interview with Rik - http://vimeo.com/109855598