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Posted: 22/05/08

Aerospace Company Improving Business With West Notts College

Coventry based company, Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems (DABS), have just congratulated 42 students who have all completed their Business Improvement Techniques NVQ 2 qualification with Notts based West Nottinghamshire College.

DABS have over 50 years of experience of creating braking systems for military and commercial aircraft, from small general aviation aircraft to large passenger jets.

Students began on the Level 2 qualification in September 2007 and it was aimed at staff who are shop floor team members and team leaders.  The company worked closely with West Nottinghamshire College to identify projects to improve production processes.

The company reported a successful outcome and many improvements have been implemented and sustained back at the plant and students report that these improvements have changed the workforce’s approach to lean manufacturing.

Simon Cutler who is Learning and Development Manager for the company says, “This period of study was a great success for our students and the company.  It was very well managed and 42 of our employees reached their goal and passed the course and had a very positive learning experience.”

Roger Martin, Operations Manager at West Nottinghamshire College says, “This company has worked very closely with the college to identify their specific needs in order for us to tailor projects to help them see immediate improvements in production on the shop floor.  We have had a very successful year working with Dunlop.”