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Posted: 01/07/14

Start dates announced

You’ll be pleased to know that term officially starts for new year 10 students on Wednesday 3rd September, with a full day of induction activities  -  we’ll be sending on further instructions about what time to be there and what students need to bring closer to the time.

The next day we’ll be doing the same for the year 12s only, and we’ll have all students in again on Friday 5th September for further activities, with the full teaching timetable beginning on Monday 8th.

The dress code for the Vision Studio School has now also been finalised so you can begin your shopping for the start of term!  The dress code can be found here.

We’ll also be arranging an enrolment day towards the middle of August, where students can officially sign up and become a member of the school.  As soon as the new students enrol, they will have their photograph taken and will be issued with their official Vision Studio School ID card and lanyard, which will also act as their bus pass.  If for any reason anyone is late enrolling, this will present no problem as the bus drivers are happy to pick up everyone at the designated bus stops for the first few weeks until everyone has got their card.

On the enrolment day they’ll also be issued with the voucher that they can exchange for a brand new tablet, as soon as they start the school term officially.  They can use this to access and manage their online diary; to record key hand in dates; to take notes and draft assignments;  to record images and interviews whilst they’re on placement and to access resources to support their learning.