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Posted: 01/05/14

Students find beauty in books

A national reading scheme has created a renewed passion for books with students at West Nottinghamshire College.

Students are eager to start reading their book of choice - The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

The group of students (pictured) are currently studying on the VRQ Level 3 Beauty and Spa programme and are looking forward to reading a new book thanks to World Book Night.

World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books which traditionally takes place on 23 April. It is aimed at giving books and encouraging those who have lost the love of reading – or are yet to gain it – to pick up a book and read.

Tutor Amy Stirland-Fell said: “On our return from the Easter break I gave the group a copy of The Recruit by Robert Muchamore which is the story of a young secret agent who employs children as undercover agents solving crimes.

“The students are looking forward to reading the story and sharing their thoughts as they progress with the story. It’s sparked a renewed interest for reading for pleasure and already we’ve discovered that reading more is helping them with writing assignments and communicating with their clients.”

Student Jessica Rose Pell, 19, said: “Generally I don’t think people read enough books. I read quite a lot for pleasure and I find it gives me new English skills and helps me learn more about punctuation and grammar.

“We’re looking forward to reading this book together as a class and talking about the story.”