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Posted: 23/04/14

Raising a glass to award-winning performance

A multi-award winning theatre company will be taking the audience on a tipsy journey through the nation’s love affair with alcohol at Create Theatre.

Thirsty gives an insight into the country's drinking habits

Thirsty is The Paper Birds theatre company’s critically-acclaimed show which weaves together real stories, memories and booze-based confessions collected from a ‘drunken hotline’ and an online questionnaire.

The performance on Thursday 1 May fuses live music, verbatim text and physical theatre to explore the stories and social repercussions of lost memories and gained traumas belonging to women who wave the flag for ‘Booze Britain’.

Create Theatre co-ordinator Adam Pownall said: “It’s great to have this contemporary, award-winning theatre company joining us to give us their insight into a subject which affects a nation.”

The show, which starts at 7.30pm seeks to ask the question “Why as a nation, are we so thirsty?”

Tickets cost £10 each or £8 for concessions and £6 for students and can be purchased by calling 01623 413363 or by visiting www.createtheatre.co.uk