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Posted: 27/03/09

Healthy eating drive at West Nottinghamshire College

West Nottinghamshire College’s Health, Safety and Welfare team will be getting students into some healthy eating next week as they raise the importance of avoiding saturated fats.

The team will be providing information at the College’s Station Park campus on Tuesday (31 March) and the at the Thoresby Street campus on Wednesday (1 April) between 10am-1pm, when students can find out more about the amount of saturated fats found in foods and how they can reduce their intake.


There will be a number of activities arranged to help students understand the importance of eating less fats, such as:

  • BMI testing
  • Waist measuring
  • A food plate game, where students can have a go at putting the right food models in the right food group
  • A saturated fat quiz with prizes

The health team will be working collaboratively with the College canteens and diners which will be putting on free soups that contain one of the recommended ‘five a day’ portions.


Sally Houghton, a health advisor at the College, said: “In the UK, the average person eats approximately 20% more saturated fat that the healthy upper limit.

“We want to help students understand the importance of healthy eating so that later in life they can avoid pitfalls such as high cholesterol, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.  

“We will be on hand to provide healthy eating advice and guidance and all students are welcome to talk to us in confidence.”