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Posted: 20/12/13

Students’ healthy attitudes win prizes

Two health campaigns at West Nottinghamshire College have seen healthy success amongst students as well as prize winners.

Winners of the health campaign prize draw

Over the last term, the college’s health and welfare team have delivered over a hundred sexual health tutorials to students. The initiative was to raise awareness and to encourage students to take responsibility for their own sexual health.

During the tutorials students were issued with questionnaires and over 300 entries were returned to the health and welfare team. Yesterday (17 December) winning students collected prizes which included top prize gift vouchers for Amazon and Love To Shop and large cuddly toys.

First and second prize winners were Sarann Cairns, Alan Thorpe with Amy Turner, Tia Skeavington and Jack Hannant taking home the cuddly toys.

Meanwhile the college’s sport development team have been finding out more about students’ exercise habits and what they enjoy doing to keep healthy and active.  The results of the questionnaires will help the team to plan future activities and sport sessions at the college.

Winning the sport development team’s prizes of two mountain bikes were Kathleen Froggatt and Liam Crookes.

Entitlement, enterprise and employability manager Cate Hunt said: “We’ve been really impressed with the number of questionnaires submitted and even more impressed with the students’ knowledge.

“It’s good to know that college-wide our students are getting involved in the health campaigns and initiatives and are clearly learning from the advice offered. Well done to all our prize winners.”


Caption: Student advisor Mark Cantrill, Saran Cairns, Kathleen Froggatt, Alan Thorpe, Tia Skeavington, Jack Hannant and entitlement, enterprise and employability manager Cate Hunt.