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Posted: 11/10/13

Travel across Europe in one night

Create Theatre will be showcasing three of Europe’s most daring and delightful new shows in one evening this month.

Best of BE Festival features highlights from Birmingham’s international theatre festival and on Saturday 19 October audiences will have the chance to see three award-winning festival favourites at the Mansfield-based theatre.

With performances from Denmark, France and Hungary the shows include comedy circus routines, freestyle dance and martial arts and story-telling.

Al Cubo, from France, sees three buffoons help and defy one another in equal measure, striving for the tallest construction and the perfect balance. This is a heady mix of masterful circus and mischievous theatre.

Tao Te is a Hungarian show featuring freestyle dance with martial arts featuring two men are dragged through a series of conflicts and struggles.

Next Door, from Denmark, tells the story of when Ivan Hansen's neighbour passes away suddenly. Ivan realises he doesn't know anything about him. Intimate storytelling and high-octane physical theatre explore what it is that really connects us.

Create Theatre co-ordinator Adam Pownall said: “This is a really great opportunity to see some of the best acts from all over Europe and we’re incredibly lucky to be able to feature these acts at Create Theatre.

“People won’t fail to be amazed and impressed by what they see and there’s the additional opportunity for the audience to be able to take part in a chaired discussion with performers following the acts.”

There is a 25% discount on tickets when using the code EUROSTAR online.  To buy tickets for the show which cost £14 each or £10 for concessions, call 01623 413363 or visit www.createtheatre.co.uk