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Posted: 05/03/09

Hollie to receive a Courage Award

style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt; text-align: justify;">Performing Arts student Hollie Longstaff will be receiving a very special award next Tuesday at a ceremony at Mansfield’s Civic Centre.


It was Hollie’s tutor, Martha Woodcock, who put her forward for the Courage Awards which take place each year - run by Mansfield’s Rotary Club. The awards celebrate amazing achievements of local students who have managed to reach their goals despite exceptional circumstances.


Martha said: “Hollie has endured personal difficulties in recent years, which meant she left school without any formal qualifications.  Hollie saw enrolling on the performing arts course as a second chance.


“From the very start of her studies in September 2008, she showed a positive, enthusiastic and committed attitude to furthering her education and making a success of the opportunity.”


However, within weeks of starting her BTEC first diploma, Hollie had a date come through for an essential, but high-risk, operation on her spine. Even though she was daunted by the prospect of undertaking this operation, she showed focus and bravery in going through with it.


During and after the operation in the autumn, Hollie was determined to return to college as soon as she was physically able and her attendance and punctuality have been 100%, outside of her time in hospital and recuperation.


Martha added: “Hollie went through an ordeal that she will never forget and through this experience she has shown maturity beyond her 16 years.  She is a bright shining star who has bounced back stronger and more determined than ever.”