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Posted: 18/07/13

Freshers’ summer fun

Films, fun and freebies are all up for grabs this summer for young people about to start college.

West Nottinghamshire College staged an action-packed fun day yesterday (17 July) at its Derby Road-based sports hall which saw freshers get involved in activities such as martial arts archery, musical theatre dance workshops and limbo dancing.

Those who attended also had the opportunity to get involved in a summer photo booth, a dressing up game and win prizes in competitions.

Throughout the summer new students have been invited to attend film shows at the college’s Create Theatre as well as attend bowling games at Mansfield’s Superbowl.

Learner recruitment co-ordinator Gemma Clarke said: “It’s been great to see some of our new students at these events and we’re looking forward to them starting with us at the college in September.

“It’s enabled our new learners to come in to college and see their new environment and discover some of the extra-curricular activities that we stage throughout the year.  We hope that by visiting the college during their summer break that it’s helped to put them at ease before the start of term.”