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Posted: 29/04/13

The Odd Couple

Mansfield’s Create Theatre takes the form of a 1960’s New York apartment in its classic performance of The Odd Couple in May.

The production by Neil Simon performed by The Kitchen Table Trio theatre company is showing on Thursday and Friday (9 and 10 May) and follows the lives of recently divorced Oscar Madison and his separated friend Felix Ungar.

Felix arrives on the scene at one of Oscar’s poker evenings in a depressed state of mind.  Oscar prevents Felix from jumping from the 12th floor window and proposes that he joins him to share his eight-bedroomed apartment and his sloppy bachelor lifestyle.

What Oscar doesn’t gamble on is Felix’s penchant for disinfecting poker cards, putting coasters under glasses and following Oscar’s every move with an ashtray.

This fast-paced comedy of wit explores friendships, relationships, second chances and what it means to be a man in 1960s America.

Andy Dobb, who is playing the neurotic Felix Ungar, said “We’ve had so much fun with this play, It’s been hard work, but the quality of the writing, the one-liners in particular, are so sharply observed that it’s been a blast to work on.

“We can’t wait to get into the excellent space at Create and share the fun with our audiences.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £5.  To purchase tickets call 01623 413363 or visit wwww.createtheatre.co.uk