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Posted: 04/03/13

Are you dancing?

International dance artists Gillie Kleiman and Sara Lindström will be taking their movement skills to Create Theatre’s stage at West Nottinghamshire College next week.

Being performed on Monday (11 March) at 7.30pm, A Lyrical Dance Concert is produced by Dance4, and will use the lyrics of well-loved pop music and transform their powers through a choreographic lens in a mixed-up whirlwind of glamorous divas, guitar solos and gangster rappers.

The show moves through sincere recital, detailed dancing, an absurd wrestling match, a raucous sing-along, sentimental slow-dance – and even a kind of hip-hop self-help group.

A Lyrical Dance Concert is part of Nottdance Festival 2013 and will see Gillie and Sara working in Mansfield and Nottingham throughout March before heading off to tour the country in April.

Theatre co-ordinator Adam Pownall said: “This performance which is part of the Nottdance Festival is set to be an energetic one which will use the medium of contemporary dance to put across thoughts and feelings through lyrics of popular songs.

“Gillie and Sara are very talented dancers and very cleverly blur the boundaries between dance performance and music performance. We hosted the artists as a residency in January when the performance was in development stage and it’s great to be having them back with the finished product and being a registered venue of the Nottdance Festival.”

Nottdance Festival runs from 7-11 March and is internationally renowned for its innovative and entertaining perspective that continues to question ‘What can dance be?’

Tickets cost £5 per person and can be purchased by calling Create Theatre on 01623 413363 or by visiting www.createtheatre.co.uk and to find out more about the NottDance Festival visit www.dance4.co.uk