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Posted: 16/11/12

Not so happy campers star in black comedy

Rebellion, carnage and bloodshed on a holiday camp will be on the cards at Create Theatre’s next performance at West Nottinghamshire College.

The Erpingham Camp, written by the late playwright Joe Orton in 1965, will be played by actors from Nottingham-based Quirksome Theatre Company on Friday and Saturday evenings (23 and 24 November).

Life at The Erpingham Camp is dedicated to the principles of chastity, discipline and properly regulated excitement.  Holidaymakers enjoy activities such as trifle-tasting and the ugliest woman competition all under the watchful eye of Erpingham and his redcoat army.

In this twisted comedy Quirksome actors will lampoon the great dictatorships of the twentieth century while the oppressed campers begin a rebellion leading to the downfall of Erpingham’s regime.

Create Theatre co-ordinator Adam Pownall said: “This is set to be a very lively and quirky show where audiences will be treated to a range of physical theatre, multimedia scenes and good old-fashioned British entertainment.”

The performance is aimed at people aged 16 and upwards at it contains scenes of a graphic nature.

To buy tickets, which cost £5 per person, visit www.createtheatre.co.uk or call the box office on 01623 413363.