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Posted: 16/08/12

College celebrates best-ever A Level pass rate

West Nottinghamshire College is celebrating another record year for A Level results.

Today (16 August 2012) the college recorded its best-ever overall pass rate of 99.2% ­– up 0.2% on last year.

  • There were 851 exam entries at A2 and AS levels at the college this year, compared with 743 in 2010/11;
  • Of these, 255 were at A2 level, which were taken by 118 students;
  •  The college achieved 100% pass rates in 15 out of 17 subjects at A2 level including English language, English literature, law, history, geography, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, and government and politics;
  • Almost a third of students (28%) achieved A* - B grades;
  • High grades (A*- B) were achieved in all subjects;
  • Almost two-thirds of students (62%) achieved A* - C grades;
  • A2 English language recorded a 100% pass rate for the sixth consecutive year.

The college opened its doors at 7.30am to give students the earliest possible opportunity to get their results.

It also provided extra support for students who needed to go through clearing to secure their university place.  Students were given access to computers and telephones to contact UCAS and university admissions teams, while the college’s careers, information, advice and guidance team was on hand to offer support.

Jamie Duquemin-Sheil, 21, from Thurgarton, Notts, has taken the bold decision to study overseas after achieving an A in chemistry, A in biology and B in maths.

He said: “I’m off to the Budapest Vet School and I have five years of study ahead of me.  It’s a bit terrifying but very exciting at the same time.  I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was a child.

“I need to sort out a flat in Budapest now and I fly over at the end of the month.  My friend’s cousin is already out there studying medicine so at least I’ll know someone.

“My two years at West Notts has been awesome and everyone has been so supportive.”

Zoe Carter, 18, from Mansfield, was delighted to get three B grades in ICT, business and psychology.

She said: “I’m so pleased. I did better than expected as I thought I would only get a C in psychology.

“I’m so relieved as this means I can got to Sheffield Hallam University to study the educational studies with psychology and counselling degree.

“I’ve made lots of friends at West Notts – it’s been a complete change from school. We’re off into town later to celebrate!”

Matthew Stringfellow, 20, from Mansfield, achieved a grade B in history, B in English language and a C in biology.  It means he’s set to study history at Sheffield Hallam University – his first-choice institution.

“I’m really happy with these results, which were better than I expected. It’s a relief because I’d already signed up for my accommodation up in Sheffield and had committed myself to it," he said.

“I’ve been at West Notts four years, studying a BTEC in sports science before taking A Levels, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here.  The teaching has been excellent.

“But now I’m looking forward to university and Sheffield was the only one I wanted to go to.”

Daniel Boyles, 21, from Ollerton, was nervous opening his results envelope but ecstatic when he realised his grade A in sociology together with a B in psychology and a D in biology meant he could study socioloy at the University of Sheffield.

“I’ve loved it at college – my tutors have been brilliant," said Daniel. "I’m ready for university but I will be commuting as my partner has a baby due in February.

“Eventually I’d like to go into teaching.”

Priya Bajaj, 19, from Ravenshead, was relieved that her B in biology, C in chemistry and C in law meant she had the grades needed to study pharmacy at Liverpool John Moores University.

She said: “I couldn’t sleep last night due to nerves, but the hard work has paid off. I’m hoping to become a pharmacist in the community or in a hospital setting in the future."

Some students overcame advertisity to achieve the grades that would get them into university.

Sam Wilson, 19, from Ravenshead, who has autism and dyslexia, was thrilled to be offered a place at university after an initial set-back.

Sam, who received support from the college's Additonal Learning Support team during his studies, said: “It’s been a strange morning.  Initially I was disappointed as my D in history, D in environmental science and E in biology weren’t enough to get me into Nottingham Trent University on the environmental studies degree.

"However, after a few frantic phone calls I was delighted to secure a place at the University of Derby to study zoology.  I feel fantastic and hopefully I’m going to visit the university tomorrow.”

Sam’s mum Annette said: “What a relief!  I’m so pleased we have a happy outcome as this mattered a lot to Sam.  He’s worked so hard and he’s very capable of studying at the next level.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte Ellis, 21, of Mansfield, was delighted with her B grade in film studies – achieved in just one year instead of the usual two.

Together with the A Levels in English language, English literature and biology that she gained last year, Charlotte is now looking forward to studying English language and communications at Oxford Brookes University.

Her achievement was all the more remarkable due to suffering fibromyalgia, which causes her chronic pain and fatique.

Charlotte said: “It has been difficult studying the A Level in just one year. The workload was heavier and my condition means I’m always tired, and some days I had to take painkillers just to get through lessons.

“But my tutor and coach were both really understanding and a massive help, and I’m absolutely delighted to get the grade that finally gets me into university.”

Patricia Harman, deputy principal, said:  “These are absolutely fantastic results.  Achieving our highest-ever overall pass rate is something we’re really proud of.

“These results show that our academic achievements match our reputation for vocational excellence.

“Any suggestions that A Levels are getting easier do our students a huge disservice. They have worked exceptionally hard to get the results they need to progress to higher education – with many now going to their first choice university – or on to their chosen career path.

“Credit must also go to our tutors, who coach and mentor students through two of the most important years of their lives.”

West Nottinghamshire College offers one of the largest choices of A Level subjects under one roof in Mansfield. It also offers a wide range of vocational qualifications and higher education courses including foundation degrees, HNDs and HNCs.

Anybody interested in studying at the college should call 0808 100 3626.