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Posted: 16/05/12

Mental health awareness at college

Mental healthcare is on the agenda at West Nottinghamshire College next week.

From Monday to Thursday (21-24 May) students will be able to get advice about all aspects of mental health from the college’s student health and welfare team.

Student advisers will be on hand across all college campuses to raise awareness about issues such as depression, phobias and emotional and nervous disorders, and the impact they can have on sufferers and their families. 

Learners will also be given advice about how to access help and counselling, and discover what support is available to them while at college.

The advice is being provided as part of national Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 21 to 27 May.

Student adviser Kirsty Betts said: “Mental illness can affect any person at any time of their lives so we’re aiming to increase students’ knowledge of the subject through our advice sessions.

“Working with our colleagues who specialise in mental health, we’ll be helping students to understand what types of mental illness there are, how to access help and support both inside and outside of college, and hopefully remove some of the stigma associated with mental ill health.”