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Posted: 02/06/11

Youngsters create art from around the world

Students at West Nottinghamshire College have given school pupils art lessons using creative techniques from around the world.

A group of 12 Extended Diploma Art and Design students visited pupils from High Oakham Primary School in Mansfield during the school’s Global Arts Week, which ran from 16-20 May.

They organised class activities, planned the lessons and provided art materials and resources for the pupils, aged between 8 and 11; teaching them about different countries and their cultural and artistic heritage. 

Focussing on India, Greece and Japan, the pupils produced images painted with bamboo sticks, created international flag designs, copied the traditional Greek key-style borders and learnt about and traced the designs of traditional Indian henna tattoos.

Visual arts tutor at West Nottinghamshire College, James Baggaley, said: “The students worked very well as a team in planning and delivering this global creative art session for the school children.

“They engaged really well with the children and taught them various art and design techniques, and I'm very proud of what they’ve achieved on this project.”

Nicola Morriss, geography co-ordinator and teacher at High Oakham Primary School, said: “The students provided an excellent learning experience for our children, and all classes involved had the opportunity to develop a range of different art skills and produce some outstanding masterpieces.

“The activities fitted in perfectly with our creative Global Arts Week for learning about different cultures through art, and our pupils were really enthusiastic.”

A selection of the children’s work is being displayed at Mansfield’s Museum and Gallery for two weeks, starting 29 June.