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Posted: 20/05/11

Students lead the way at sporting event

Sports students at West Nottinghamshire College have staged an activity day for fellow learners.

The students, who are studying the NVQ Level 2 Activity Leadership programme, arranged and supervised a day of activities such as a speed-bounce challenge, foam javelin throw, an obstacle course, a kick-up challenge, a basketball challenge and a penalty shoot-out contest on the sports field at the college’s Derby Road campus.

The event, on Wednesday 18 May, was designed to test the group’s observation and leadership skills as well as provide a fun day for other college students and opportunities to join in with a variety of games.

Sport and coaching tutor Rachael Evans said: “The group really exceeded my expectations in how they worked together and they organised all of the day’s activities in a very professional and enthusiastic manner, using their newly-acquired leadership skills.

“It was great to see so many of the students across college coming along to have a go at the games.  Several had never tried some of the activities before. “