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Posted: 20/09/10

Principal is honoured at House of Lords

West Nottinghamshire College principal and chief executive Asha Khemka OBE is celebrating a prestigious awards win.

Mrs Khemka was presented with a gold medal and certificate for her outstanding achievements and contribution to the field of education in the UK by the NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Welfare Society of India at a glittering event at the House of Lords.

Hosted by Baroness Verma, Government spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, international development and women and equalities, the awards ceremony, held on Friday 11 September, recognised people of Indian origin for their significant contributions in their respective field in the country of their residence and in the service of the wider global community.

The gold award was presented by his Excellency the Indian High Commissioner of the UK Mr Nalin Surie and Dr Bishma Narain Singh, a senior congress leader and President of the NRI Welfare Society of India.

Awards are given to nominated non-resident Indians who are seen to be true representatives and ambassadors of India and help further enhance links between the two countries.  The NRI Welfare Society of India designed the awards to promote and encourage individuals to make their full contribution in serving and raising standards in the countries where they have settled and raising high the flag of India.

Mrs Khemka said: “I feel overwhelmed and genuinely privileged to have received this gold award.  People travelled from all over the world to collect their awards in London and I was lucky enough to meet many of these people.  After hearing some of their success stories and great life journeys, I felt very humbled to be in the company of such high-achievers.

“I’m truly grateful to have been one of those people to be recognised.  I do my job well because of the tremendous support I get from my work colleagues and from my family.  There are so many people in this world who achieve much in life but don’t get the recognition they deserve so I feel very lucky to have my achievements recognised in this way.”

Caption –  (l-r) Mr Gurinder Singh (General Secretary, NRI Welfare Society of India), Mr Nalin Surie (His Excellency the High Commissioner of India), Dr Bishma Narain Singh (senior congress leader and president of the NRI Welfare Society of India), Asha Khemka OBE