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Posted: 24/08/10

West Notts records highest-ever GCSE pass rate

Students and staff at West Nottinghamshire College are toasting a record year for GCSE results.

Today (24 August 2010) is national GCSE results day and the college is celebrating its highest-ever pass rate of 96%.  It comes less than a week after the college recorded its all-time highest A Level pass rate of 97.2%.

A total of 134 students sat GCSEs at the college this year (2009/10). Results of the 148 exam entries include:

  • An overall pass rate of 96% – up 3% on the previous year;
  • 100% pass rates in three out of five GCSE subjects offered at the college; namely English (up from 89% in 2008/09), science and sociology, which both gained 100% for the fourth consecutive year;
  • 91% pass rate in maths – up 1% from the year before.

Deputy principal Patricia Harman said: “Once again our GCSE students have excelled themselves. The majority are adults who have come to college to improve their qualifications and those who needed to get the grades they missed out on at school.

“They should all feel really proud of what they’ve achieved and confident they now have the qualifications to study at a higher level or pursue their career of choice.

“I’m absolutely delighted for our students and achieving our best-ever overall pass rate is the cherry on the cake.”

Here's what some of our GCSE students told us...

Susan Walker, 62, from Forest Town, Mansfield:

Retired Susan, who hadn’t studied since her school days, said: “I am pleasantly surprised with my A grade in English.  I was a little nervous this morning but am much calmer now – I’ve stopped shaking!  I’ve just let my husband and son know my good news.  It was my son who first suggested I study a GCSE and I believe that studying later in life has been really worthwhile.

“I’m going to sign up to study English A Level while I’m here and then go home and enjoy a glass of wine later with my husband to celebrate.”

Cath Smith, 39, from Mansfield:

Mother-of-four Cath beamed with delight when opening the envelop that revealed her English GCSE A grade.  She said: “I was terrified coming to college this morning. I thought I may get a B but was ecstatic when I opened my envelope and saw an A grade!  I’ve got a very proud family back home waiting to congratulate me.

“I’m going to concentrate on applying for full-time teaching assistant jobs now I’ve got my GCSE English and I might consider studying an A level in the future.”

Wayne Mercer, 27, from Mansfield:

The 27-year-old was delighted to gain a grade A in science, 12 months after achieving a C in maths at West Notts College.

Wayne, who works as a technical officer at The Coal Authority in Mansfield, said: “It was my employer’s idea for me to come to college and re-sit the GCSEs I didn’t do so well in at school. I’ve worked at the Coal Authority for seven years now and although I received poor grades in maths and science at school, they could see I was a keen learner.

“I can move forward in my career now – this opens up more doors.  I’ll go back to work, look at what other courses are available at take it from there,” said Wayne, who is considering enrolling on an Access to Computing higher education course at West Notts.

“I’m really chuffed with my A grade. I can’t wait to tell the lads at work.”

Jaymie Dobb, 22, from Tibshelf:

Unemployed Jaymie said receiving an A in sociology and a B in English at GCSE level had given him the confidence to progress to a higher level of study.

He said: “I really didn’t expect to get an A grade. I’ve completely surprised myself. I’m currently unemployed but coming back to college on the ‘Fresh Start’ scheme has been brilliant.  It’s enabled me to start afresh and think about my future.

“I left school early so didn’t get my GCSEs but coming to college has made me realise that age isn’t a barrier to learning.

“I am going to carry on studying, taking the Access to Humanities course next so that I can progress to university.  I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at college so far and I must thank my tutors for their support and encouragement.”

Rachel Simpson, 27, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield:

Rachel, who hadn’t studied since leaving school ten years ago, said: “It was strange coming to college to learn again but my tutor was so supportive and gave me the belief that I could achieve. I’m really pleased to discover I have an A grade in English as I got a D at school. 

“I’ve also got a D in my maths GCSE but that’s better than my E grade at school.  However, because I’m intending to become a primary teacher, I think I’ll re-sit the maths to get at least a C grade so I can progress to my PGCE.

"It’s been a difficult year with my mum passing away but I am so proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Anybody interested in taking GCSEs at West Nottinghamshire College should call 0808 1003626.