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Posted: 21/10/22

Make-up artists get creepy at college

Level 2 Make-up Artistry students from West Nottinghamshire College have been frightfully creative in the lead-up to Halloween.

  • A creepy Joker face was just one of the looks created
  • Realistic looking wounds created with paints
  • Curling, crimping and creativity
  • Brilliant use of face-paints and make-up
  • A ghost bride
  • Crazy, creepy clown
  • Some hair creations were done on each other....
  • ...while other looks were created on the training heads
  • Students had great fun creating their innovative looks
  • These kind of looks are used in the film industry
  • The team's display cabinet looked distinctly spooky
  • Putting the ghoul into school
  • More blood and gore
  • Students went to town on the special effects

Their range of theatrical make-up and ghoulish hairstyles took their vivid imaginations on a wild journey. Equally impressive was their themed display cabinet in the salon’s upper hallway, which was used to show off their work.

Beauty teacher Leanne Lewis said: “The students used a variety of skills including special effects, fake blood, cut creases and face-painting to make their make-up looks stood out. We saw some amazing hair techniques achieved by using Halloween accessories, and lots of curling and back combing.”