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Posted: 03/12/21

A charitable day for elf and social care students!

Rosy cheeks, bobble hats and flashes of red and green were seen along the corridors at West Nottinghamshire College today as a promise to students came true.

  • A jolly festive bunch of elves
  • A jolly festive bunch of elves
  • A jolly festive bunch of elves

Staff from the health and social care curriculum changed their usual work attire for festive elves costumes, after students challenged them to raise a target of £200 by Elf Day.

And that challenge was met on Friday (3 December), which is the Alzheimer’s Society’s Christmas campaign day across the UK. A grand total of £202 has now been raised through a range of activities staged by students.

Funds were boosted by a ‘guess how many elf shoes’ game and bucket collections thanks to students who were keen to see their teachers dress in their finest elfin-ware!

Head of department for ‘elf’ and social care, Sally Pinion, said: “Our students worked so well to raise the money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Dementia is an illness which they learn about through their studies, with many of our students graduating to become carers in hospitals and care homes, caring for those living with this condition.

“We simply couldn’t go back on our promise to dress as elves once they reached their cash target and we’ve really enjoyed the fun and smiles that our fancy dress day created. Being chief elf has been magical for me!”