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Posted: 03/11/21

Mansfield marketeer takes the hot seat in TV studio

From mountaineering to marketeering – that was what film and TV students at West Nottinghamshire College discovered from their latest guest’s adventures during an interview in the college’s TV studios.

  • Andy Middleton (front right) with the media students in the TV studio
  • Elliott Beeton (left) interviewed Andy Middleton about his career and epic climb to Mount Everest

Local businessman Andy Middleton, who is the director of AMSN marketing company, has over 30 years’ experience of sales and networking experience. He was invited into the TV studio by the Advanced Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production (Film and TV) class to find out more about his background and his business.

The students used their production skills to create a one-to-one interview setting, generating the right lighting, setting-up the cameras and sound systems ready to record their interview with Andy.

Elliott Beeton, 18, took the role of interviewer to discover more about Andy’s career in marketing and discovered that he’d undertook a challenge of a lifetime in 2018 – a trek to Mount Everest!

During the interview, which can be seen in the video below. Andy described how the opportunity to climb to the top of the world came about. He said: “I was at a New Year’s Eve party with friends and some were talking about how they had already done a trek to Everest and were saying that it’s not difficult to organise and it’s financially achievable.

“I’d always been a sporty person, having done half marathons, triathlons and parachute jumps, so I liked the idea of doing something like this and I’m always keen to push myself to the next level. When you’re presented with the opportunity to go to the top of the world, I simply couldn’t not do it!”

Andy went on to describe the adventure of a lifetime and the challenges he faced, which saw him walking up to eight hours each day along narrow paths with 500ft drops on one side, which he said was “very intense and you could risk dying every day.”

Elliott’s questions moved on to find out more about Andy’s career background and his new business venture and what drives him in the marketing sector, which he’s had over 30 years of experience in. Andy highlighted that it was his desire to help people start their business journey and see them succeed.

Andy, who has now launched a new business called AMSN, will be looking to help businesses in the Mansfield area to market their products.

Following his interview with the students in the TV studio, Andy said: “These students were very professional – I wasn’t expecting this! To walk in and be surrounded by this professional environment with the cameras and lighting is really outstanding. Elliott did a fantastic job and did really well going off-script with his questions. Ad-libbing makes you feel so much more relaxed.”