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Posted: 28/06/19

Book challenge boosts love of literature

A love of books has been embraced by students at West Nottinghamshire College, with over 250 books read through a special challenge.

Foundation studies learners have enjoyed their selection of books throughout the reading challenge

A group of 54 foundation studies learners at the Derby Road campus have taken part in the college’s Learning Resource Centre Reading Challenge which began back in November, when the college’s Learning Resource Centre celebrated the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.

The in-house reading challenge saw more than half of the students completing the six books, with most students continuing to read more books, after completing the main challenge.

On Wednesday (19 June), the students joined tutors and staff from the learning resource centre to celebrate their read-a-thon with a presentation of certificates and small gifts, to recognise their efforts and interest in the challenge.

Learning resources advisor Claire Barke said: “This group really embraced the reading challenge and were mainly reading fiction books from the emergent reader titles. Every time a student completed a book they were moved up the totaliser chart that we created.

“It was a pleasure to reward their enthusiasm with gifts and certificates. To see that this activity has spurred them on to continue reading, says this has been a very successful initiative.”