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Posted: 05/04/18

Students wade into futuristic performance

Life in a disaster-ridden future is being brought to Create Theatre’s stage in a collaborative performance between West Nottinghamshire College and Mansfield’s Palace Theatre.

Wading is set in a futuristic world full of disasters

The performance of Wading follows a character called Jamma who has found a purpose – a video camera.

Jamma is keeping a record of her life, so the future can know how it was for the ‘left-behinds’. She wants to be a part of history, in case her world suddenly ends.

The production which Education@ThePalace and the college’s performing arts students have collaborated on, is showing on Create Theatre’s stage on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 April from 7.30pm.

Written by Simon Marshall and directed by Christopher Neil, It is set in a futuristic Nottinghamshire and explores an England where natural disaster has become the norm. Sea levels have risen 13 metres, storms hit regularly and life trudges on in the Midlands.

This is Jamma’s own reality show-come-documentary about perseverance, communication and crucially, hope.

Tickets cost £6.50 per person and £3.25 for West Notts College students. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Create Theatre box office on 01623 413363 or on the website at www.createtheatre.co.uk