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Posted: 27/03/18

Sophie sheds a new light on students’ skills

A talented 3D artist came back to her roots recently as she demonstrated some of the latest software to interactive media students at West Nottinghamshire College.

Sophie was proud to show current students the skills and programmes she's using in her own job Copy

Sophie Rack, 25, who studied at the college in 2014, gave a hands-on demonstration to learners on the HND in Interactive Media, which focused on adding lighting to animated designs.

Sophie began her studies at the college on the Level 3 interactive media course, followed by the HND and then she gained a degree at the University of Derby. She now works as in-house 3D artist for a company called Lightmap based at Hexgreave Hall in Farnsfield.

Her role includes making 3D demonstrations using the company’s main software called HDR Light Studio. Sophie uses her design skills to light 3D creations to show the power of their software to clients of the business.

Sophie said: “I’ve always been drawn to being creative and I just stuck at it and worked hard at college. I’m very fortunate to be in a design role where I can create art in many different ways.

“It’s been good to be able to forward some of my skills to today’s students and get them to see how to use Light Studio alongside their familiar LightWave software package and show them how flexible it is in letting you place light around your model and speed up the process. They’ve enjoyed using the package and being able to experiment with their own 3D designs.”

Student Savinnah Quelcuti said: “This is a brand new concept. It’s similar in some ways to what we’ve worked on before but there’s lots of other features. It will help bring our designs to life more because you can literally grab the light source and move it around and onto the object.

“Eventually, I’d really like to work in film or television special effects using my interactive media skills.”