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Posted: 08/02/18

Students want your old cars!

Motor vehicle students at West Nottinghamshire College’s Engineering Innovation Centre are calling out for your old cars!

  • Jack Rontree and Luke Wright with one of the cars which has been kindly donated to the motor vehicle workshop
  • Motor vehicle tutor Dave Rymell with Level 1 Automotive Maintenance and Repair students Jack Rontree and Luke Wright

As part of the curriculum, students from entry Level 3 courses through to Level 4, are required to work on vehicles to ensure they are familiar with the workings of the engine, exhaust system and brakes, tyres and suspension systems.

Students and their tutors are calling on members of the public to donate any old cars or car-sized vans which have come to the end of their life. The centre is looking for vehicles which may have too many MOT failures to be road-worthy again, which students at the Kirkby-in-Ashfield campus can make great use of as part of their studies.

Tutor Dave Rymell said: “Any vehicles would be gratefully received and we can organise collection of any old vehicles that can be donated.

“Every car that is donated will never return to the road, but will get utilised very thoroughly in the workshops so that students can be experiencing hands-on learning. Once they’ve served their purpose the cars will be dismantled.”

If you have an old car or car-sized van and think you can help the motor vehicle students, please contact Dave Rymell to organise collection, on 01623 627191 ext 8384 or email him on david.rymell@wnc.ac.uk