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Posted: 31/01/18

Explosions in the design studio feed creativity

The director of a Yorkshire-based design house has been sharing his 3D design expertise with creative media students at West Nottinghamshire College, helping to give them the competitive edge for the jobs market.

  • Richard Lindle of RSL Design
  • Richard gave a specialist tutorial to creative media students
  • Students were shown how to animate the outside of a product...
  • ...as well as the inner-workings

Richard Lindle, of RSL Design, delivered a specialist tutorial to Level 3 Creative Media students, on Friday (26 January) aimed at honing their animation skills to show the inner workings of moving products.

Using the software packages LightWave, Fusion and After Effects, Richard explained the significance of product visualisation and the skill of ‘exploding’ the intricate inner-workings of a product.

Richard said: “More and more companies are choosing this method of showing off the technology behind their product through an animated ‘explosion’. Dyson for example, often show customers the animation of their cyclone technology.

“Today I’ve been helping students to refine their 3D design skills to be able to replicate such artwork. Computer generated animation is not just used in films now, and it’s a great way to show the inside of a product.”

Richard explained how the technique is also becoming an important educational tool in the world of medicine, helping medical students to see the intricacies of surgery before they attempt procedures in the theatre.

He added: “Hopefully I’ve given them the confidence to be able to put together an explosion animation of their own using the software they’re familiar with in the classroom.

“The project I’m setting them will ask for a storyboard of the initial product, to look at the light source and where the camera will focus on the product.

“At the end of the ten weeks I’m looking forward to seeing their completed animation being presented and see how well they’ve integrated their skills to create something with clear, fluid animation, great lighting and attention to detail.”