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The Corporation

Posted: 30/04/10

Students talk politics

Students put their questions to local parliamentary candidates this week (28 April), sparking a lively debate about education, university fees, first-time home buying, fuel prices and the minimum wage.

Five would-be MPs representing the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Independent parties visited the college's Derby Road site to meet with students as part of their election campaign.

The visiting candidates were Jason Zadrozny, Liberal Democrat candidate for Ashfield; Eddie Smith, Independent candidate for Ashfield; Tracy Critchlow, Conservative candidate for Mansfield; André Camilleri, Independent candidate for Mansfield; and Mark Spencer, Conservative candidate for Sherwood.

The college’s learner voice co-ordinator, Sue Harries, said: “The visit really got the students engaged in politics and they confidently put their views and questions forward to the parliamentary candidates.

“Some of our students cover government and politics within their programmes of learning so this was relevant to their studies as well as being a very interesting afternoon for those involved.”

Students will get a further opportunity to hear the views of another parliamentary candidate next week when they meet Alan Meale MP, Labour candidate for Mansfield. He will visit the college on Tuesday 4 May from 12.30pm in the diner at the Derby Road campus.