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Posted: 15/09/17

A fresh start and fun for students

New faces at West Nottinghamshire College have had a week full of information, fun and challenging activities, designed to give them a fresh start as students.

  • New friends Laura Marriott and Bailey Harvey had fun at freshers' fair
  • Student finance administrator Katie Hallett was on hand to share financial advice with new students
  • Hair and beauty student Jessica Genders tested her reflexes on the Catch The Light game
  • Students were signing up to be involved in volunteering activities at college and in the community
  • The tricky game of Operation tested students' agility and steadiness
  • Tara Cheetham and Craig Matthews of DW Sport had membership details and student discounts for the gym

Freshers’ Fair 2017 kicked off at the Derby Road campus on Tuesday (12 September) with guests from a range of external partners including, gymnasiums providing information on local health and fitness opportunities and membership as well as day passes to experience the gym facilities, information on mental and sexual health issues, opportunities to try sign language and much more.

The NHS campaign ‘Smoke Free Life’ was also on hand to advise people on how to quit smoking and give techniques on coping mechanisms.

For the sporting and dextrous, Coxmoor Golf Club came along on Wednesday (13 September) to challenge students with a golf putting competition.

A company called Novel Events came along to give students exciting challenges on their interactive games which earnt them shopping voucher prizes, free i-Jump trampoline sessions and the chance to try horse riding.

The Cash Cube saw people enter an enclosed area which challenged them to collect as many prize vouchers as a wind machine blew them around.

A giant version of the childhood favourite Operation game tested students’ steady hands as they attempted to remove body parts with tweezers without setting the buzzer off. Meanwhile another game called Catch the Light had students racing each other against the clock to strike a light.

Wider learning team leader Robert Pearce said: “Freshers’ Fair is an important time of year to introduce learners to both the services within the college and to show them the many extra-curricular activities that they can be involved in outside of lesson times.

“It opens up opportunities to make new friends and to improve their confidence in team activities. It’s been great to see so many people come along to try new things and discover more about college life.”

Health and social care student Laura Marriott, 16, said: “It’s very useful to have something like this as I didn’t realise there were so many things you can do at college. It’s formed an exciting part of induction.”

Sixteen-year-old Level 1 Hair and Beauty student Jessica Genders, said: “I’ve enjoyed having a look around Freshers’ Fair this week and I’m really lucky because I’ve struck up a great rapport with my classmates already.”