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Posted: 27/07/17

Creativity galore at college expo

Artists and innovators from the world of creative and digital design impressed audiences at West Nottinghamshire College last week.

  • Jake Gumbleton advised budding artists to have an awareness of the world around them to inspire their work
  • Examples of students' work was on display in the Create building
  • Mark Jackson from Red9 spoke of the many job roles within animation
  • Students put lots of enthusiasm into displaying their work for the Create Expo
  • Students' work on display at the Create Expo 2017

The recently hosted Create Expo saw experts and artists from creative agencies from across the UK present to crowds about their specialist subjects and careers at the college’s Derby Road campus in Mansfield.

Professionals from the field of illustration, 3D design, concept art, games design and television production as well as virtual reality marketing, delivered currently trending tips and advice to visitors.

Guest speakers at the event on Thursday (20 July) included include Bart Yates, the executive producer of Blinkink, one of the UK’s top animation companies. Bart spoke about the production of commercials, music videos and how they blend innovative new technologies with classical cinematic craft.

Other guest speakers included freelance concept artist Jake Gumbleton who spoke about his experience as a professional artist for 15 years and the work he’s produced for games projects such as Star Wars, James Bond and The Hunger Games.

He said: “I always tell those who are entering this industry to have a real awareness of the world. For me, the more you experience the world the more this can inform your imagination and you’ll create interesting and dynamic work. Bring your life experience into your work – it’s much more powerful than images off the internet.”

The event was supported by students who attend the college on a variety of multi-media courses and were available to speak to guests about the work they have produced for their own portfolios.

Interactive media tutor who organised the expo, Anthony Hall, said: “We have had another great line-up of guests and to hear their presentations was fantastic. To have them here is a real privilege and the advice and knowledge they can pass on to our audiences is really priceless.

“I’ve been especially proud of the quality of our students' work which has been displayed and the level of enthusiasm they’ve shown in terms of producing their work and being able to speak about how they’re succeeding so far at college and what their career dreams are.”

Mark Jackson, from animation specialist company, Red9, said: “It’s been great to give guests a wide insight into what Red9 do, including all the facial technical work and how we get animation data between characters and the studio. We’re currently working on some really interesting top secret games which is exciting!

“My advice to those wishing to work in this sector is to think about where you want to be – what aspect of design you want to work in. There are hundreds of people who work on creating a ‘cut scene’ in animation and there are lots of avenues to go down. Find out where your passion really lies.”

Junior graphic designer at West Nottinghamshire College, Beth Thornley, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Blinkink stood out to me as I’ve always been interested in animation and it was exciting to see the process of putting an animated video together. I felt really inspired by what everyone had achieved. As I am just starting out in my career.

“Listening to them talk about how they started out in their specialties to where they are now was really positive for me to hear.”