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Posted: 05/07/17

UK’s peaks are no challenge for students

A five-day adventure scaling the UK’s highest peaks, has given public services students from West Nottinghamshire College a taste of mountaineering expeditions.

  • The heights of Ben Nevis were ably scaled
  • The steep rocky ascent of Scafell
  • The coast guard practicing mountain rescues in Snowdonia
  • At the top of Scafell!

The group of seven students on the Level 1 and Level 3 Public Services diplomas, trekked the heights of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in Cumbria and Mount Snowdon in Wales in June.

The five-day residential, which began on 19 June, saw them stay in three youth hostels along the journey. The aspirational visit was designed to prepare them for careers in the uniformed services.

Each student took along their own food provisions which were cooked up in the hostels each evening.

The range of terrains they encountered throughout the expedition included the steep switchback paths of Ben Nevis, rising to 1,345 metres.

The mid-week ascent of 978 metres to Scafell meant students had to scale the steep rocky pathways to the summit. Mists didn’t deter the climbers as they took on Snowdon’s upper heights of 1,085 metres, took the group six hours to complete.

Level 3 BTEC Diploma student Lili Kelly, 18, said: “I found all three peaks very challenging to complete but once I’d completed it, it was obvious that it was worth the struggle! My next goal is to attempt the 24-hour Three Peaks Challenge.

“Meanwhile, I've just passed my airman’s selection test for the RAF for a firefighter role so I'm busy going through this process now.”

Programme area leader James Winning said: “From the outset of the challenge every student worked extremely hard in some difficult environmental conditions.

“When the physical challenge was particularly tough, the whole group pulled together displaying excellent teamwork and successfully complete all of the peaks in a very respectful time.

“In addition to achieving the overall aim, the effort and dedication required from completing fitness tests, training days and contributing to team briefings will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the students as they pursue a career within the uniformed services”.