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Posted: 18/04/17

Visit to top flight university brings students confidence

A visit to a university college steeped in over 700 years of academic history has inspired two West Nottinghamshire College students to apply to study their degrees.

Madeline Page and Kate Williams at Peterhouse College, Cambridge

Kate Williams, 16, and Madeline Page, 17, who are studying AS Levels at the college, have had the opportunity to experience life as a University of Cambridge student at its oldest college, Peterhouse.

The two-day, residential taster earlier this month provided the girls with the chance to experience a typical lecture as well as get involved in a laboratory session in chemistry, which they are both studying at West Notts College.

The girls were also able to have a full tour of the university as well as enjoy the social scene in the evening and one day two they explored nearby Magdalene College, also part of The University of Cambridge.

Kate said: “It was a really interesting couple of days and a very friendly environment where everyone made us feel so involved in the activities. Applying to somewhere like The University of Cambridge now seems very do-able; the careers staff talked us through the whole process of applying and we were able to meet the students.

“We really enjoyed the biochemistry practical sessions in their laboratory as well as the discussion session afterward where we talked about applying the practical into a real-life setting.

“If I get the results I want in my maths, chemistry and biology A Levels, I’d love to apply to study natural sciences at Cambridge, going down chemistry route to then specialise in biochemistry.”