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Posted: 30/03/17

Sir Vince praises college’s Students’ Union provision

President of West Nottinghamshire College’s Students’ Union Marc Jones (right) and vice-president Kyron Caunt (left) are pictured with Sir Vince Cable at a London college this week.

(left to right) Kyron Caunt, Sir Vince Cable and Marc Jones

Former Minister for Business Innovation and Skills, Sir Vince, was one of the leading speakers at the NUS Shaping FE Conference at Hammersmith and Fulham college on Monday (27 March), which Marc and Kyron attended.

Sir Vince is leading a new research project for the National Union of Students called Students Shaping FE which is looking into how major reforms coming for the sector need to be tailored for students. It will also address the introduction of the post-16 skills plan and other changes to the curriculum which affects students.

Marc said: “The conference was really interesting, especially hearing other people’s views. Sir Vince commented that he thought we were running our Students’ Union really well, which was very good to hear.”