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Posted: 08/03/17

Travel and tourism students learn aeroplane survival

Keeping passengers safe and acting promptly in emergency situations were the tasks in hand for travel and tourism students last week during a specialist training day.

  • The group learnt to use an escape slide safely and effectively
  • Using a life raft was one of the emergency practices the students trialled
  • Natasha Harrison puts out a fire in controlled conditions

Second year students on the BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism Diploma enjoyed a special day of training at British Airways’ Global Training Academy at London Heathrow Airport, earning them certificates in Safety Equipment and Procedures.

Procedures covered at the specialist training centre, which offers the latest equipment under some of the most stringent operating procedures in the aviation world, included safety demonstrations and the principals of survival.

Students also learnt to use the slide raft in case of flight emergency as well as learning the correct way to use the slide descent, which would get passengers to safety.

The group were also placed in a smoke chamber and learnt how to put out an oven fire and utilise a smoke hood properly.

Lucie Shipman, 17, from Walesby said: “It was an exciting day to take part in all the various safety training. The staff gave us a good insight into the life of cabin crew and we got a realistic feeling of working on board a plane in the simulators.

“We each had a go at delivering safety talks and the training day has given me confidence and an idea of what to expect in this industry.

“It was a little bit daunting learning how to put out a fire on board, but it was done in a controlled way. I will definitely be applying for a job as cabin crew after I complete my diploma in June.”

The course is designed to give the students an insight into the world of airplane cabin crew and the range of scenarios they could face during a flight and how to deal with a whole range of emergency situations for theirs and the passengers’ safety.

Travel and tourism tutor Sabrina Sandhu said: “This training gives the students the vital underpinning knowledge and insight into the role of cabin crew. They performed brilliantly in these realistic situations and worked very professionally alongside cabin crew and pilots on the day. Their certificates will be a great addition to their CVs.”