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Posted: 31/03/10

Students learn the benefits of equality and diversity

Thanks to £1,250 of project funding from the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), students at West Nottinghamshire College have taken part in an equality and diversity workshop today at the Mansfield-based college.

Earlier this year, LSIS made project funding available via the National Learner Panel (NLP) to further education institutions that could prove they could carry out projects aimed at further embedding student involvement within their organisations.

Colleges with good ideas around additional learner involvement activities were invited to submit bids to the NLP and stood a chance to secure between £900 and £1,500 to fund project activities.

West Nottinghamshire College’s Students’ Union president, Luke Frakes, is a member of the NLP.  He said: “Our intention was to build on our already well-established learner voice structure with a series of more interactive training sessions for the students.

“We know that such activities create interest and motivation within the learner voice forums and we wanted to create a workshop session for students who form the learner voice panel that engaged them in something interesting, educational and culturally relevant.  

“Our bid was successful and we were awarded £1,250 from LSIS to fund today’s workshop about equality and diversity with national training consultant, Trevor Gordon.  We’ve been proud to involve 25 student representatives from the learner voice training day in this informative session and have had great feedback from the group.  We’re delighted that we were awarded with the funding to support this event.”