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Posted: 03/11/16

Photographic project reveals beauty in the city

A photography tutor from West Nottinghamshire College has been helping budding photographers discover beauty within some of Nottingham’s forgotten corners.

  • Support worker Dave Bevan with Cameron Bent - image courtesy of Richard Edwards
  • Ashley Slater with his work - image courtesy of Richard Edwards

Richard Edwards has joined forces with Space Inclusive – a Nottingham-based social enterprise that helps to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties and disabilities by offering aspirational opportunities through projects.

Richard, who is a professional photographer and tutor at West Nottinghamshire College set the group of eight young adults a project to seek out getting beautiful photographs in some of the city’s abandoned urban wasteland.

The group was given four morning sessions over four weeks to find and shoot their scenes and the results of their hard work is now being displayed at a photographic exhibition, entitled ‘Rule The Wasteland’, at Lee Rosey’s  tea shop on Broad Street, Nottingham, until mid-November.

Richard said: “I’ve been amazed by the students. I just have to put a camera in their hands, for me to be blown away by their enthusiasm and creativity. They all turned what many see as urban decay into positive examples of art. Through photography I saw these students expand their skills and grow in confidence.”

Dave Bevan of Space Inclusive said: “It was a real pleasure to have Richard come in, put cameras in our hands and let us go! He gave great advice and encouragement without ever dictating what we should or shouldn't be shooting, which the guys found really fun and liberating.

“We're really pleased and proud with how the show at Lee Rosey’s turned out and it’s exciting to see our work exhibited professionally in a public setting. Massive thanks to Richard, West Notts College and Lee Rosey’s for making this happen.”