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Posted: 28/07/16

Generous students make charitable difference

West Nottinghamshire College has counted up its final donations from this academic year’s fundraising efforts to reveal a bumper grand total.

Flashback to November 2015 when fitness students pedalled the equivalent of Mansfield to Skegness for Children in Need

A total of £23,614.85 has been banked for the academic year, which will go on to support forty different charities.

The amount was raised across the college at a range of fundraising events supporting initiatives such as Children in Need in November and Comic Relief in February.

Students have also been heavily involved in bringing in the pounds for local homeless charities such as The Beacon Project and The Hall Homeless Support group, both based in Mansfield.

A total of £13,794.57 was raised through the National Citizen Service (NCS) social action projects which were run by the college.

NCS is an exclusive opportunity open to all 16 and 17 year olds which helps young people get ahead in life. The scheme which the college led, enabled youngsters to meet new people and make a difference to their local community through innovative fundraising ideas.

Student experience manager Sue Harries said: “We’ve seen just how generous our students are in giving their time, energy and spare change to a whole range of fundraising events that the Students’ Union has organised.

“Our curriculum areas get involved in staging their own creative events and it’s been especially nice to welcome into college representatives from the charities we’ve been able to raise money for.

“By getting students to meet with the charities themselves, gives them a much wider awareness of how their efforts can help sustain these vital services for people less fortunate than themselves. To raise this amount in just one year is absolutely brilliant.”