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Posted: 01/07/16

House designers of the future bring ideas to college

From homes in the jungle to dwellings in futuristic apples, and tree houses that grow with the family – these were some of the ideas for sustainable homes in the year 2080 in a competition at West Nottinghamshire College.

  • Budding designers Ellie Mahan, Karma Edmunds, Taya Brocklehurst with their big apple house model
  • Construction tutor Lynsey Hanson with art teacher Nick Freer and students with Valeria Carnevale far right

Students on the BTEC Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment were set the challenge to design a sustainable and environmentally friendly home of the future – based in the year 2080.

Last week, designs were judged by their tutor Lynsey Hanson and Valeria Carnevale, who is a lecturer in architecture and civil engineering at the University of Derby.

Joining students in the house design project were Year 7 students from Shirebrook Academy who worked on the home design challenge during their art and design classes, which saw them researching architecture and construction to help inspire their work.

The four-week project challenged both groups to consider the type of housing which would benefit families in the future and to incorporate sustainable materials and technologies and an innovative design.

West Notts College’s design winners Elizabeth Findlay and Scott Symonds were praised for their tree house idea. Their concept house would grow with the family, reflecting the tree growth and would be powered by solar panels and geothermal heat and turbines.

Winners of the Shirebrook Academy idea went to budding designers Ellie Mahan, Karma Edmunds, Taya Brocklehurst with their big apple house.

The trio impressed judges with their scale model which was in the shape of an apple. Their house would be made of steel and metal and include a family social area to be used for exercise and relaxation.

Shirebrook Academy runners-up were Millie Hindley, Emily Barnes, Harrison Chantry and Kia Brentnall-Yorke with a horizontal skyscraper idea for their home of the future.

Valeria said: “This was a very worthwhile project for both groups of students to get involved in. It was good for the younger pupils to join in this project and to share their ideas in the college setting.

"There were some very well-researched ideas from everyone which is good grounding to pursue university-level studies. I was very impressed by everyone’s attention to detail regarding materials, costs and sustainability.”