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Posted: 04/03/10

Actors star in stop smoking film

Local budding actors from West Nottinghamshire College are helping to spread the ‘stop smoking’ message by starring in a film which is being shown in GP practices throughout March and April.

NHS Nottinghamshire County has teamed up with drama students from the college to produce the 30-second film.

It features six teenagers who think ‘smoking is cool’ and then cuts to a person living with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) who has to use an oxygen tank.

Jo Hopkin, smoking lead from NHS Nottinghamshire County, said: “We have launched this hard-hitting film to protect and prevent young people from starting smoking in the first place.

“By showing it in local GP practices we want to get the message out that smoking isn’t a cool thing; it’s harmful and kills more than 1,300 people in Nottinghamshire each year”.

The new national strategy ‘A smoke-free future’ focuses on reducing smoking amongst young people by using fresh methods like new technology and media.

One of the college's student health advisors, Michael Campbell, said:  “Young people are a key target audience and hopefully this film will deter those who were thinking of taking up the habit. The dangers of smoking are serious and for most of our students this seems to be a social trend.

“The college’s student health, welfare and safety team advise students about the health dangers of smoking and we often signpost our learners to the New Leaf service where they can be further advised on smoking cessation.

“I’m very proud that our students have helped to communicate this message through their drama skills and we have high hopes that this short film will have a profound impact in the community, showing that smoking isn’t cool.”

The film also points people in the right direction to free NHS stop smoking services.  They can speak with their GP, Pharmacist or contact New Leaf, Nottinghamshire’s stop smoking service, by calling 0800 389 7712 or texting the word ‘Leaf’ to 80800.