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Posted: 21/08/08

GCSE Results Day at West Notts College

Almost 300 students chose West Notts College this year to study their GCSEs. Today, we saw a steady stream of eager individuals making their way to the Derby Road site, to collect their results.

We are proud to see this year that more than half of our GCSE students have achieved a grade A-C which will help them greatly when considering their future choices. This figure is consistent with the previous two academic years’ results.

Our overall pass rate this year is 79%. Also, we have seen an 82% pass rate in English and a 79% pass rate in Maths.

Deputy Principal, Tim Grant says:
"Many of our GCSE students come to West Nottinghamshire College after failing in subjects at school. Successfully achieving a GCSE at college is a major achievement for these individuals and this is something that we are all immensely proud."

Hosgood, 44 walked away with a Grade A in Maths,

"I am really pleased. I did work hard on this so I kind of knew I should get a decent result. I wanted to do Maths to improve my old CSE grade, and to help my daughter who has also gone through her GCSEs this summer. It was hard work but a great learning experience for me. I am hoping to take my A Level Maths next term."

Donna Kennedy, is a mother of 4, but still found time to scoop a B in English, C in Science and C in Psychology.

“I am so thrilled, this is brilliant news. I have had great support at college and from family at home to get me through my studies. I am now going to take my Access to Humanities and Science at college and then hopefully University next. I have always wanted to return to studying and now I have my 4 children to support, I am well on the way to hopefully finding a successful career.

Anita Coyle, 41 scored an A in her Maths GCSE, something which she undertook to occupy her time during a period of ill health.

 "I am really pleased with my grade. I really enjoyed my time at college and being amongst a younger crowd wasn’t a problem – I fitted in really well. I will be back next year to do my A Levels in Maths, Psychology and Sociology. Eventually I would love to work within child psychology.

"West Notts College has been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout my studies and also I couldn’t have achieved what I have without my daughter’s support."