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Posted: 19/11/09

Spring fever!

Environment-conscious students at West Nottinghamshire College have been getting their hands dirty with bulb planting, ready to create a floral display for next spring.

The six learners, who are studying horticulture diploma level 1, planted over 200 bulbs on the Derby Road campus field as part of their course criteria for preparing spring plants.  These included daffodils, crocus, snowdrop and bluebells.

Programme area leader Lee Robinson said: “This activity gave the students the opportunity to understand the process of preparing the ground for spring plants and learn the correct way to plant bulbs.  They are looking forward to seeing their planting around college and feel proud of their work when the flowers emerge in spring. “

Sustainability co-ordinator Billie-Jo Woodiwiss, who led the planting session, said: “Back in March when we did a staff sustainability survey, 91% commented that they would like to see more flowerbeds and on the college grounds. Students have indicated the same and both staff and students have generously donated money and bulbs for planting.

“This is a great way for the college to contribute to biodiversity as the flowers will attract insects and the show of colour in spring will help to lift everyone’s spirits after the winter period.”