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Posted: 04/06/09

Students learn about drug and alcohol dangers

Students at West Nottinghamshire College have been learning about the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse.

The College’s student health, welfare and safety team staged an awareness event at the Derby Road campus in Mansfield to highlight substance and alcohol issues.

Representatives from drugs and alcohol advisory organisations Let’s Build and Face It were on hand with advice, support and information, while students were encouraged to discuss any concerns they might have.

On display was a ‘drugs box’ – a unique educational tool designed to raise awareness about different types of drugs and the damaging affects they can have.

Jamie Wragg, of the student health, welfare and safety team, said: “The event was a real success. The advisors from Let’s Build and Face It enjoyed some positive interaction with students and gave them with lots of advice and information.

“It’s important we hold these types of events to capture the attention of students and equip them with the information they need to make positive, sensible choices in life.”