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Posted: 14/07/09

Young film-maker wins US online competition

West Nottinghamshire College student Anthony McMenemy is celebrating winning a film-makers’ competition.

Anthony, who has just completed the first year of his HND Interactive Media course, entered an online film competition through US movie website BIGSTAR.TV. 

He entered his BTEC final project ‘Game of Kings’ in the competition’s thriller category.  It is based on visual and audible metaphors of life and death, following the rules of chess through representation of soldiers on a battlefield.

Anthony, 23, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, produced the film with fellow students Michael Burton, Matthew Higginbottom and Anthony’s step-dad Ian Denton, under the name of Maven Independent Film studios. The film is set in Scarcliffe woods and at the College’s Chesterfield Road campus.

A delighted Anthony is now in receipt of his $1,000 prize money, converted to £600, which will go towards purchasing his own filming equipment.

He said: “I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Game of Kings had won. I felt a great sense of pride and realised all the hard work I put into the film had been rewarded.

“Winning the contest has made me want to continue making short films and hopefully have a career in the film industry.”

Anthony’s winning entry was chosen by a group of judges who looked at the narrative, sound, design and video qualities.

Click here to see Anthony's film on BIGSTAR.tv: