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Posted: 26/06/08

California Dreaming

WNC Basketball star, Dan Watts (21) is heading for a life in California for the next two years to follow his dream studying at the Mount San Jacinto Junior College where he will be studying and representing the College’s basketball team.

Dan recently went to take part in a 6 day trial at Mount San Jacinto and scored brilliantly, leading to him being accepted at the well renowned academy. Head Coach there, Patrick Springer remarks on Dan’s talents as he has closely followed Dan’s progress, reviewing his stats and watching a game tape of Dan playing for WNC Mansfield. “I am impressed with his athleticism, work ethic and off the ball movement.”

Six foot five Dan is on top of the world at his success. “My time in California was awesome and I can’t wait to start my studies there in August. I will be there for two years with the chance of getting into the Division One School. I have prepared myself very well having done plenty of weight training, and enjoying the playing and coaching camp. I have just finished my Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching at West Notts, I am looking forward to further study where I hope to come away with an Associates Degree where I will be majoring in Multi Media.”

Among some of the players to have learned their trade at the nationally recognised Mount San Jacinto, include NBA star Jamal Tinsley. Dan’s tutor at West Notts –Matt Shaw proudly says, “There is no doubt that Dan will be able to develop his playing skills even further whilst at the same time continue with his education. Everyone at West Notts wishes him every success and we hope to hear from him in the near future.”