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Posted: 27/05/16

Activity leaders shine the spotlight on inclusion and diversity

Students from foundation studies at West Nottinghamshire College have built on their co-ordination, confidence and communication skills thanks to fellow sport students’ ten-week project.

Activity Leadership students have given foundation learners new confidence and a fresh interest in sport

Level 2 Activity Leadership students put together a ten-week programme of activities and sports, designed to cater for learners with disabilities and learning difficulties, ensuring their individual needs were met and the sports were accessible for all. 

As part of their course, they are required to tailor sporting programmes for real clients and are assessed on this practical element of delivering the programme.

Games such as new age kurling, bean bag throwing, ball-catching games, boccia, badminton and basketball were organised during the 45-minute sessions.  The games were led by the sports students who ensured they adapted their approach to meet the individual needs of the students.

They also adapted some of the activities, which have been delivered in the Derby Road-based sports hall and fields, to be played with different sized balls. Students gave clear, concise physical demonstrations of each activity to ensure each learner was confident about the rules of the games.

Foundation studies tutor Bridget Hos said: “My students have had an absolutely great time. During the first sessions they were understandably nervous, but I’ve watched them flourish over time. They’ve shown such an interest in sports in general now and have been so keen for each week’s activities.

“It’s been very rewarding to see their co-ordination skills improve as well as their general self-confidence. Some of the quieter members of the group who have struggled with communication have really advanced and I’m delighted to say it’s been a fantastic success.”