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Posted: 24/05/16

Ex-student returns to class

Interactive media students from West Nottinghamshire College have welcomed back an ex-student to show him their latest 3D animation techniques.

Patrick Ryder (left) shows Andrew Otter and Paul Chamberlain his animated advert

Paul Chamberlain was a student on the HND in Interactive Media last year and has gone on to become a CGI artist with worldwide firm JCB.

Paul joined JCB’s CGI manager, Andrew Otter, to see this year’s HND group’s technical and creative skills in action.

Andrew and Paul had previously set the group the task of producing of a short advertisement for the company, using LightWave technology and a range of other computer special effects.

On Thursday, (19 May) the class presented their ideas to the duo. Patrick Ryder, 20, was one of the students who impressed the artists with his 28-second advert, featuring the company’s famous yellow ‘backhoe loader’ digger.

Patrick said: “Creating this advert tested my skills but I really enjoyed doing it. It took me twelve weeks in total to complete but I’m pleased with the result.”

Paul added: “The students were challenged to produce a generic advert for JCB using their current interactive design skills.

“They’ve come up with some really well-thought out work and it’s enabled them to get their teeth into a live project. This time last year it was me doing the same kind of projects and I’m lucky enough to be working within the industry now, putting my skills to their best.”