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Posted: 05/04/16

The building blocks for success at regional competition

Two bricklaying students from West Nottinghamshire College have seen their construction skills rewarded at a regional competition.

  • Bartomiej Nowicki received a third place certificate in the juniors' competition
  • Liam Jones took second place in the seniors' competition

Burton and South Derbyshire College played host to the Regional Guild of Bricklayers competition in March which saw eleven colleges represented.

Liam Jones, 19, who is studying the Level 3 Diploma in Bricklaying was placed second in the seniors’ competition which saw him complete a six-hour challenge following the Guild of Bricklayer’s test model and detailed drawings.

Bartomiej Nowiki, 19, who is studying the Level 2 Diploma in Bricklaying was awarded third place in the junior competitions after his five-hour challenge to create his test model.

The pair, who study bricklaying at the college’s construction campus in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, scooped cash prizes as well as a range of tools.

Head of construction, Julian Walden, said: “Liam and Bartomiej did very well and we’re proud of their achievements. We hope that this example of them demonstrating their high-level skills will help them in their search for full-time employment.”