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Posted: 11/02/16

Emotions to run high at Create Theatre

A play influenced by real-life military events is coming to West Nottinghamshire College’s Create Theatre this month, courtesy of Penguin Theatre.

  • Later, After depicts how leaving war doesn't always mean finding peace.
  • Neil Anthony plays ex-military man Alex Hunter, while Flora Sowerby is Dr Helen Ashton.

Later, After begins in a police cell in London – home for the night for Alex, who has been arrested after punching a man unconscious. But is he fit to be charged when duty psychiatrist Dr Helen Ashton is called to assess him?

In the play, which runs on Wednesday 24 February, the audience will witness the journey of former ammunition technician Alex, who isn’t impressed and doesn’t want to be assessed, diagnosed or treated.

The powerful production lays bare the impact of doing a job that’s beyond stressful – surviving war, then having to face the culture shock of the transition from military to civilian life.

Written by Jane Harvey-Berrick and ex-ammunition technician Mike Speirs, Later, After is directed by Elizabeth Thick and features Neil Anthony as Alex Hunter and Flora Sowerby as Dr Helen Ashton.

Tickets for the show, which starts at 7.30pm, cost £10 each and can be purchased at www.ticketsource.co.uk/penguintheatre

Create Theatre is based at the college’s Derby Road campus in Mansfield.